Are you carrying a little weight and worry about your health? Do you have painful, stiff knees or a crook back that stop you from exercising or going for a nice walk with your partner? Imagine yourself having fun again and enjoying a walk on the beach, a bushwalk or even just playing with your kids in the park.

This is what Nordic Walking can do for you - it's a natural flowing movement using special poles like you're going cross-country skiing on land. Research shows that you can burn over 40% more calories than regular walking, with lower impact on your joints. It engages the whole body and helps improve your walking and your posture. Nordic Walking is smarter walking!

At Nordic Walking Brisbane we can help you buy the right Nordic Walking Poles for your needs and teach you how to use them properly. We can take you from total novice to highly skilled participant with our range of services and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

We are very proud that we were awarded the 'Inspire' award for Instructor of the Year for 2015 from our professional body, Nordic Academy Australia.


Walk Smarter - Burn more calories with lower impact on your body.
Keep your balance on rugged terrain.
Better than hiking poles for Bushwalking and Trekking.
Great for beach walks.

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